Craft Set

Limited Edition 100% Colorado Craft Product. The only thing mass-produced in this entire gift is the water that went into the Jinn… for that we give thanks to God. The rest are items lovingly grown in the Colorado Front Range; such as the hops from Niwot Hops Farm and the lavender from Longmont Lavender Farm- core ingredients in Jinn Gin.

Craft SetA Berthoud master woodworker named Mathew crafted the box you hold in your hand. As owner of Cajun Moon Design he has pledged to use reclaimed materials in all his art. The pine is therefore Colorado beetle kill pine from the high CO Rockies!

The Jinn Gin itself is a testament to hand crafted excellence. Winner of the 2013 NY World Wine and Spirits -Gold Medal, meticulously distilled with care by master distiller K John; and hand bottled by a team of loving friends; few gins on the market are it’s equal.

Right down to the uncirculated, 2006 Denver mint CO Quarter adoring the front lid! Everything leading to a sustainable and superlative lifestyle has been considered.

Whomever gave you this gift don’t just like you…
They may Love you!
So if it is your Boss, maybe think twice about any PDA…

However you decide to enjoy this ephemeral Spirit…We hope you chose to do so responsibly!

$75.00 at the Tasting Room or Liquid Arts Festival this Saturday. Only 30 available so don’t hesitate!

Please call K John directly for shipping and/or delivery. 303-517-7697