Football Passion Unbounded!

Those who know K John Wood are well aware of his fanaticism for the world game of football, or Association Football, better know as Soccer! Once every 4 years not only does he throw his professional career into jeopardy, but he begins talking in strange accents and wearing England National Team shirts!

To beter help maintain the awesome start we have made with K J Wood Distillers; this years 2014 World Cup games will be reflected in the June 12- July 13 tasting Room hours. John will open the TR 30 minutes before each and every match and close it 30 minutes following each match! If there are those among you who feel this passion the way John does, please feel free to join us in lifting a cocktail to those who live the dream of FIFA’s World Cup!

Brasilia is 3:0 hours ahead of Colorado Springs
That means when it is 10:00 am in Colorado Springs, it is 1:00 pm in Brasilia