Jinn Ginn
Through the mist of time we know the 9th century alchemist ‘Rhazes’ codified distillation and coined the term al-koh’l. This word meaning both intoxication and Jinn (genie) gave rise to the “spirit” in Aladdin’s Wonderful Lamp from the Thousand and One Nights!
"Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Walk beside me that we may be as one" Ute Proverb 100% Rye mash whiskey aged for 1 year in New American Oak Casks. Born and bottled at 8500ft in the San Juan Mountains. The lushness of Ouray has been captured in this bottle of Ourye!
Dead Drift
First, find the water you want your bourbon to drift through then cast upstream to this spot. Mending your mash creates a drag free fermentation, your grains imitating free-floating, real nymph. Casking bourbon allows time for flavor to sink deep into the profile.
Berthoud Blue Vodka
Distilled with blue corn, a Vodka like no other.


KJ Wood Distillers, LLC

929 Main St.

Ouray, Colorado 81427

P: 303-517-7697


Located in Ouray, Colorado, John has based his fine craft spirits on the cornerstone of great water. Utilizing the Rocky Mountain glacial waters of the high country, blended with the finest of local barley and blue corn for the whiskey and the rarest European juniper berries paired with spices from the Silk Road; a line up of the most refined, elegant and mature spirits will soon be available to the discerning consumer.